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Some R&R at Langdam

Some R&R at Langdam

Hubby and I made full use of the two public holidays in the past week and it allowed us time for some much needed rest and relaxation.

About 180 km from Cape Town, lays Montagu and the beautiful Koo Valley beyond.  Here, nestled at the foot of the Langeberg mountains, you can find Langdam Guest Farm which was our home for three wonderful days!  It is 30 kilometers from the closest town so you are guaranteed to leave behind the pressures of the everyday rat race and just enjoy the farm experience.

Our beautiful little cottage

The view from our cottage stoep (patio) was spectacular.  In the mornings we sat with our coffee and rusks and just stared out into the valley below and at night, glass of wine in hand and with no city lights to wash it out, the uninterrupted view of the stars in the sky was astonishing.

But don’t for one moment think because you are on a farm there is nothing to do.  Firstly, with scenery like that it is a photographer’s paradise.  There are also two walking trails up the mountain that offers a good bit of exercise but rewards you with dazzling views.  Walking this with the 4 farm dogs was great fun and I must admit that when there were times when the climb got a bit tough on the legs I wondered if a great dane could carry my weight!  (What?!  I’m not all that tall, so to me those dogs are the size of ponies!)  There are also dams in which you can fish and I actually caught my very first fish there!  Not a big one, but big enough to give me a huge fright when I felt the pull on the line!  I felt so bad when I reeled it in; I don’t think I am a born fisherman and hubby helped to get the poor fish back in the water as quick as possible.  I felt guilty for hours afterwards about how much his mouth must be hurting!

Start of our mountain walk with my little pony!
The scene of the crime – caught my first fish here!

I loved our time there; peaceful and quiet and really one with nature.  On our last morning I told hubby that I couldn’t believe that a place like that could be so beautiful day in and day out and that not more people could witness its splendour every day.  But that is exactly what makes it so special.  And when it is your turn to experience it, it is like you experience a special little gift, granted just to you.

My shoulders felt much lighter when we left.

But it got me thinking about a simpler life.  Where there is less traffic in the morning, no worrying about office politics or climbing the corporate ladder.  Where deadlines are my own and the only person I have to manage is myself! Where I have more time to do the things that I really love.

What could it be?  If I close my eyes I see a little place in France or Italy, overlooking a river, a vineyard, maybe an olive grove.  Where hubby and I can have a small restaurant, serving simple but delicious food, and who knows, maybe even a B&B.  Where people come to make their shoulders lighter. Where, when they leave, they feel as if the experience and the people they met made impact on their lives and they will forever remember it.

How about it, would you come?

Who knows where the road will lead?

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