And A Life In Between


Hubby and me taking it easy!

Thanks for spending time on WorkFoodHome!

If you love travelling, a bit of humor, a positive outlook on life, making food – or even just eating it – this is a good place to be!  Oh yes, there are also some pretty photos too!

I am Helene Pretorius, living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ve been living, loving, working, eating, sleeping and experiencing life for the past 29+ years. So far I’ve lived positively and sometimes not as much, found happiness in love, been thin and fat and thinner, worked hard (mostly), never really learnt to cook but fell completely in love with food and wine, had dachshunds instead of kids (for now anyways), have a wonderful family (mostly!), and discovered a huge love for travel.

I hope you will join me for life in between WorkFoodHome.

My boys, Toby (left) and Tiger (right)




6 thoughts on “About”

  • I love the spirit of this About. It’s so carefree and you and I can definitely be friends. I’ve been thin and fat and thinner and now, 7 years into my marriage, well, I am in need of Weight Watchers again, which I hate. Have you ever tried living on raw veggies and sugar free yogurt? Bleh. So, I’m in with you and looking forward to the journey! Plus, I love the photos. Never been to South Africa.

    • Thanks Amy! You know, I just try to be me. It’s difficult trying to pretend to be someone else! I am more a cheese and wine person than a yogurt and veggie one! Oh well, we have to live, so let’s embrace it! South Africa is really beautiful. I think I will post a few more local pictures some time. Hubby is an avid photographer and I try as well, so thanks for appreciating the effort!

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